Our pieces of art are guaranteed to be original and authentic, free of structural defects and made with highest quality materials.

For products made with materials of organic origin (woods, tinctures and colors…etc.) artdzign.com verifies that their authors (the artists) use renewable and sustainable sources.

In addition, the carbon footprint of each piece is evaluated.


artdzign.com does not accept to distribute products that do not comply with these rules.


In compliance with WTO regulations, for international transport and depending on their final destination, our products can be fumigated against pests.


In addition and for your peace of mind, we accept any exchange and return during one week after your delivery date.


If your product presents a problem within its warranty time (appearing on your final invoice), customers may call us or submit a “ticket” through their customer control panel online, to the “After Sales Support, Cancellations, Returns and Warranties” department, and explain their inconvenience.  The warranty starts on the date of your final invoice.


Your artdzign warranty includes :

  • Customer service to ask us all inquiries about its care, its characteristics and maintenance over time.
  • The return of your purchase if there is any objective reason why it does not meet your expectations (return cost will be at your own expenses from all places out of DR).
  • Its transfer to a new owner if having place, to the condition that artdzign.com is informed and the new acquirer duly identified.


The warranty will be invalid if one or more of the following conditions are met :

  • Improper use or placement in an inappropriate place (most of our products are for indoor use, not for an outside unprotected place into sun, rain, and weather).
  • Acts of vandalism, damage due to abuse, careless moves… etc.
  • Natural disasters, force majeure, circumstances beyond one’s control…etc.


For more information, please do not hesitate to write us at soporte@artdzign.com and we will respond as soon as possible, or call us at +1 (809) 399-9688 during office hours (East Atlantic Time).