The Artist

Georges Thevenet, The Artist

Dominican-French artist from the city of Lyon, Georges Thevenet has lived in our lands since 1987, captivated by the color of the insular Caribbean and the humanity of its inhabitants, and, seeing in the vestiges of our wood a reflection of our identity, he realizes in each of his creations a tribute to the Dominican culture.

From a compositional point of view and although his woods are not jewels, Georges Thevenet follows the essential guidelines of goldsmithing. From the reflections of the sea or the Caribbean sky, the Dominican forests or the reminiscences of carnival, from the telluric ocher of our lands to the texture of its woods, reflecting the most intimate essence of our roots.

“My job is to create furniture, sculptures and bas-reliefs with the old painted wood of the old houses, with their wear marks and tones of yesteryear sublimated by the passage of time, illustrating the daily life and culture of past generations” .

the fullness of his creations, assembled in their appointed workshop “3R-ELEMENTOS” and exhibited in various galleries in the country,combines the present with our past and offers unique pieces for collectors.

Now more than 33 years ago Thevenet resides on Dominican soil, surrendering to his passions and preserving his particular look at Dominican nature and the beings who populate it with formidable enthusiasm. From the Samaná peninsula to the southeast of the border, from the countryside to the city and from photography to wood, Georges draws on the Dominican Republic to interpret different memories, exploring the Caribbean and Latin America fascinated by its socio-cultural challenges to the measurements of its spectacular landscapes.


Biography Georges Thevenet

  • Georges nace in 1961 in Lyon, in the foothills of the French Alps.
  • In 1968, when he was 7 years old, his mother enrolled him in the art and crafts school “Les Mains Enchantées”, where he learned to paint and work with clay, awakening his creativity and artistic sensitivity.
  • For his 16 years, during the summer school holidays, he went on an apprenticeship in the south-east of France where the artist Patrice Rouby, in the Dieulefit region famous for its talented potters.
  • Starting at 18, he became passionate about photography.
  • In 1985 he interrupted his studies in Architecture and Human Sciences at the Lyon faculty, feeling strait and without a future in France, and decides to explore the world with a simple backpack on his back.
  • After exploring around the Mediterranean, across the Atlantic with stopover in New York, and then heads to the Caribbean, wherefinds the freedom and independence that buscortaking root in Puerto Plata in 1987 at the age of 26 years.
  • His children were born in Santiago de los Caballeros at the end of the 80s, and the gratitude was so great that in 2003 he became a Dominican national.
  • As of 2008, his interest focuses on the Dominican idiosyncrasy, discovering in the different layers of paint of the old wooden houses … a cultural and human treasure!


Outstanding creations


Mural Parroquia San Francisco de Asís 2017, La Nueva Barquita, URBE.
From the remains of the demolished houses of ancient Barquita, Georges Thevenet created an extraordinary mural, without erasing any of its memorable traces, none of the multiple testimonies of its ancient inhabitants, and of the history of their struggles and victories over the adversity, in the midst of precariousness and hunger


Two mobile sculptures “Daily Divergence” and “Routine Surge” 2019
In them he tried to symbolize this fracture, like an invisible earthquake in the heart of each being, between the protective family nest and the individual struggle for survival, represented by the chair and the door as a transition from one state to another, purposely using the most common everyday furniture.


“Scarcylibrium” 2019
Georges transposes with this metaphor the complex task facing the vast majority of Dominicans, that of reconciling the inner and spiritual life that every human being needs, with the obligation to obtain shelter and shelter every day. Hence this striking image of a permanently unstable equilibrium.


“Four Barking Viralatas” 2019
Funny sculptures full of humor and color, where the street dog is the protagonist of an inspiration that highlights the sensitive soul of this unique artist. Those stabbing woods symbolize the whipping and scourging that unscrupulous humans inflict on their aching bodies.


“Behm Organics”, Blue Mall Punta Cana 2020
Thevenet gives us a large and intriguing work destined to beautify the Blue Mall of Punta Cana, in the form of an “enchanted forest” of interlocking metal and wood, introducing a fascinating image of nature , in its size and apparent disorder, within the linear and orthogonal architecture of a shopping plaza.


The turtle

For a client of Tortuga Bay Resort, Punta Cana, Dominican Republic, a sculpture of the mother of all turtles, their dreamy and colorful ancestor, marine and terrestrial, playful but powerful.

Assembled in various techniques, materials such as high-density polyurethane foam, stainless steel, colored acrylic cups, and… coffee spoons!

Then a lot of work to create harmony and momentum, breathing life into this structure.


Exhibitions and Awards

– Maisons & Objet, Le Bourget, Paris 1998


– Miami Eater Award of the Year 2017
For his design of the main bar of the Vega Sur brewery in Miami’s Wynwood, created with the famous architectural firm Alejandro Barrios Carrero.

– Permanent exhibition, Mural Parroquia San Francisco de Asís, La Nueva Barquita, URBE, RD from 2017

– Collective exhibition, Altos de Chavón, September 2019

– Special Guest, Artforo RD 2019

– Permanent exhibition “Behm Organics”, Blue Mall Punta Cana RD from 2020

– Encyclopedia of Dominican Plastic Arts 2021
With honor Georges Thevenet will be included in the 2021 edition of the encyclopedia of the famous art critic of the Dominican Republic, the poet, diplomat, journalist, academic and writer Cándido Gerón.