Return & Exchange Policy sells unique and original pieces of art, which are not bought with the same criteria as any other industrial and standardized product.


Return and exchange policy

Aware of how difficult it is to appreciate the relation between an and its purchaser’s home, offers its customers to enjoy without commitment, at home and for one week, the product they selected, being free changing or returning it for seven days from the date of its delivery without any reason.


If you, after taking advantage of our offer, decide to exchange or return it, we would be very grateful to receive a brief explanation of your decision (without any obligation), helping us to understand better our clients and improve our services.


Returns and exchanges must be requested by the client to or by phone at +1 (809) 224-9397, and will be effective upon the mailed receipt of the accusee received from, in response to the client’s request.

From the date of this accusee, the client will have two weeks to ship back its product to, with the same carrier that delivered it, properly identified and packed.

The cost of the re-shipment is at the client’s expense.


As soon as we receive your return, we will exchange it for a similar piece of the same value (with your prior approval), or we will give you a certificate of equal value applicable to any other piece of our collection, or we will refund it, as you wish.


Important: If you have decided to exchange or return your product, and informed within the deadline, please do not let the two-week deadline for return expire. If this second deadline expires, will be released from any obligation to exchange or return the product.


Our recommendations before purchase

Please review these important points when making your selection :


  • Read carefully its characteristics, distinguish the meanings you attribute to it, take into account its colors and dimensions, and the details of its design.
  • Imagine it in your environment, in the place where it will be exhibited.
  • Relate its volume and tones to the harmony and balance of your interior design.
  • Make an effort to weigh the lighting required for this piece, versus the light available in the place where it will be exposed.
  • Each piece of art has an ideal height to “shine and irradiate”. Do you have this vertical elevation available in the room (perhaps with a pedestal) ?
  • Some pieces are definitely three-dimensional, gaining a vibrant aura with space left around them, while others can be placed on a piece of furniture, near or against the wall.
  • At least, the perspectives of the room, its depth of field, the variations of light from natural to artificial, its characteristic as a place for passage (corridor), parking (living room), or retreat (bedroom), are definitely important parameters to fully enjoy your piece.


Reading them carefully and understanding how to choose your art pieces before making your purchase avoids most of the exchanges, and the inconvenience of returning them.


Don’t hesitate to use our online chat for more information and to clarify your doubts. We understand that on a few occasions concerning art products it is not possible to prevent some inaccuracies, for which we reiterate ourselves at your disposal from 9AM to 5PM (East Atlantic Time).


For exchange and return purposes, please remember that it is preferable to keep the complete wrapping of the product, with its primary box, for a reasonable period of time (three weeks at least).

If you have not kept it and decide to reship it, it is your responsibility to pack it and ensure that it will not be damaged during shipment (you will be responsible for any damage due to improper packaging), unforeseen damage making it difficult to reintegrate through our policy.


Return on delivery

As all our shipments are being insured, your signature upon delivery is mandatory.

  • Poor condition upon receipt :

Before accepting your delivery, you should thoroughly inspect its packaging ensuring it is intact. Even if it looks intact, you should unpack your product and check its condition before accepting it. 

If it shows any signs of shock or abuse, please note the damage on the carrier’s delivery slip, before returning it.

Then and without delay, please notify through our email the reasons for your refusal. Best would be to attach with your email a photo of the damage.

If your product was damaged during its transportation, is responsible for replacing it with a similar one (with your prior approval) or will give you a refund.

  • Non-compliant delivery delivery :

If for any reasons (late delivery, damage and/or manifest mistreatment of the packaging, sender without the proper documentation…etc.) you rather like refusing it, please do not sign any document and contact us ASAP.


If you have any questions regarding our return and exchange policy, please email us at or call us at +1 (809) 224-9397.

We are here to serve you.